Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Happy Birthday DD!!!

Max's birthday haiku for you:

Forty is yet young
Celebrate like a Monkey
Move to Europe soon

Monkey's birthday haikus for you:

Whose birthday today?
Why, DD! DD! DD!
Leave some booze for mine

DD can’t eat cake
So he’ll have a birthday egg
With peanut butter

Monkey has just suggested that in honour of DD's birthday, we follow a DD tradition and have a haiku challenge. Please do it for DD (I know you lot won't do it for Max and Monkey) and submit your DD birthday haikus right here.


Skeeter said...

Dave looks like Denny,
Happy Freakin' Birthday, Cock,
Pencil Dick Puss Face

Skeeter said...

Bloody, Bloody, Dave!
It's so Bloody, Bloody, Good,
To be that old Dave!

Murphy said...

It is Dave's Birthday
One of many for the Smith's
Twenty-Five siblings

Riggs is Crazy said...

Too many Smiths too count
Happy Birthday to them all

Devastatin' Dave said...

I'm feeling the love.

Skeeter said...

Yeah? Well feel THIS love!
Miserable Jizz bucket,
Bucks, O-H-I-O!

Anonymous said...

Broncs Broncs Broncs Broncs Broncs
F The MF'ng Bengals
Oh Yeah, F Dave to

Devastatin' Dave said...

Gotta pull out old school...

Devastatin' Dave
Devastatin' Dave is cool
Devastatin' Dave

Monkey's Max said...

Devastatin' Dave
Hooray for birthday self love
Give yourself some more

Audie said...

Word on the street is
Candles aren't the only thing
he blows, so I've heard

Audie said...

Hey, happy birthday!
I woulda got you something
ATM was broke

Anonymous said...

What's a Haiku?