Thursday, September 01, 2005

An open e-mail to DD

Subject: Midday Report

I am still drunk. My alarm was going off repeatedly this morning for 2 hours and 22 minutes before I woke up. Very weird that I kept hitting snooze instead of turning the fucker off. That must have been my unconscious conscience at work.

DD, Monkey and I were not yet drunk last night when we called you. We had been helping kd move into her new flat, and hadn't even gone to dinner until about 10. kd's landlady is an amazing character. She loves kd and Monkey because they are ginger, but she thought that I was Italian, Spanish or Portuguese. I had to admit to being French.

But then we did get drunk. We almost went home at one point well before we even called you, but decided to have one more. That one more became several more and we got more and more depressed because the tv was on in the bar (no sound, of course - we were listening to music) and Mike was just switching between news channels: pictures of the hurricane destruction and the anniversary of Beslan and the stampede in Baghdad. It just wasn't a good day. And Delicia kept calling J to tell her the price of gas in Georgia. That made us question how the price of gas could go up so quickly, and what the hell the government is playing at this time. And we ridiculed Bush for flying over the hurricane area in Air Force One at an altitude appropriate for a 747, and what the hell could he see anyway?

I think this e-mail is becoming a blog. So be it.

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