Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Today’s Totally Awesome News

An e-mail from my good friend JK:


You have requested some JK news and I am delighted to tell you that I can offer some pretty good stuff.

Last Wednesday the tenants of [name deleted] Buildings held a meeting. In this meeting they all voted. The outcome of this vote is that I have been offered a tenancy with chambers!

Obviously I am over the moon and have spent much of the last 6 days drinking champagne. Even now it still hasn't fully sunk in, although I do feel as if a huge weight has been lifted from my shoulders!

To explain: I went to law school with JK. We had the same course (Post-graduate Diploma in Law) the first year, and then separated for the second year. I did the Legal Practice Course (for future solicitors) whilst JK did the Bar Vocational Course (to become a barrister).

JK was one of about 1500 students on bar courses in England & Wales. Of those, only 600 would get pupillages, i.e. mandatory apprenticeships. Of those 600, only about 350 would be offered tenancies. So you can see that this is quite an achievement for JK, who is absolutely brilliant, by the way.

I am very very proud of you, JK. Well done.


knottyboy said...

Does this mean I can get him to be my barister when I'm thrown in the pokey for lude public conduct? Or at least a visit from the Queen?

Monkey's Max said...

I am happy to report that JK approves of this post, and that he especially likes the picture of John Cleese.

I got a present in the post from JK today - a total surprise (I like surprises sometimes). It is a book that JK says has a lot in common with my blog. I shall read it as soon as I finish the weird book I am currently reading, which is about Fundamentalist Mormons, and I expect that I will be inspired to blog about it. Stay tuned, please...

Thanks again, JK.