Tuesday, September 06, 2005

For Your Information

Because so many discussions lately seem to touch on the comparative price of gas, here are conversion figures and some recent gas prices.

1 US gallon = 3.785 litres
1 UK gallon = 4.545 litres

1 USD = 23.322 CZK
1 GBP = 1.840 USD = 42.922 CZK

US: around $3 per US gallon
Czech: CZK 34.50 per litre = $5.60 per US gallon
France: $7.09 per US gallon
UK: approaching £1 per litre* = $8.36 per UK gallon = $6.96 per US gallon
Average in Europe as published on ekonomika.idnes.cz yesterday: CZK 42.45 per litre = $6.89 per US gallon

* Retailers in the UK have to upgrade their pumps before they can charge more than 99.99p per litre.


Anonymous said...

I have been spotting smart cars here in Canada. I can't wait to witness them getting crushed by the big hummers and SUV's they drive in this town. ach....if ya got legs buy a busspass hello!

Monkey's Max said...

If you've got legs and you live in a city and your city has decent and reliable public transport - too often not the case in North America.

Some of the Prague city police are driving around in Smart cars now. They look kind of comical, and I don't think the macho police types are very happy about it.

Anonymous said...


Seriously,... do you ever pause and think about what you are saying...ever???

Monkey's Max said...

Thanks for that, TM, and we already know the answer. Has Chatsy ever thought about what she was saying? Mad as a fish.

Monkey's Max said...

Does anyone know if 10 million barrels a day is a lot or a little?

Czech Republic to release oil reserves

Associated Press

PRAGUE, Czech Republic - The Czech Republic said Tuesday it is ready to release nearly 10,000 barrels of crude oil every day to eliminate possible market shortages caused by Hurricane Katrina.

The state-run Administration of the State Material Reserves said it had not yet received any requests to release its reserves, but that it was ready to pump extra crude oil to the local market for 30 days, an agency statement said. It was ready to release 9,800 barrels daily.

The agency said it is coordinating its efforts with the International Energy Agency.