Monday, September 19, 2005

The View from my Office Window

Prague Castle

I brought my camera to work with me today but the batteries are out. I found this photograph on the internet and it is more or less the picture I would take from my window (with a zoom lens).


Charlie Parlay said...

I know nobody gives a hoot, but my ancestors assisted in building that sucker.

Max said...

Charlie Parlay, of course we care. When are you coming over to see it?

Charlie Parlay said...

Great question. I need to visit the Polish and Czech homelands sometime soon (especially since there are people I could party with!)

Max said...

Absolutely. Any friend of DD's sinister brother's friend's baboon's uncle's sister-in-law's parrot is a friend of ours. So you'll have a place to stay. The beer is in the refrigerator.

Sinister Steve said...

Charlie are you off your meds? Stay away before they pollute you. Money for a hotel is a small price to pay for your sanity.


I saw Shawn Alexander had a huge day. I'm not sure what your guys scoring system is but hopefully you will pull this week out.

Max said...

SS - "pollute"? Piss off.

Charlie Parlay, don't listen to SS; Monkey and I are harmless.

SS, I don't know how our scoring system works either but Shawn Alexander did earn me quite a few points. I'll know tomorrow whether or not I've held on to win this week. I'll either e-mail you or broadcast it here.

Charlie Parlay said...

People, people, people... I am not a child, however Riggs did push me home in a shoppig cart on Friday night.
I look forward to the day when I can share cocktails and laughs with each of you!
SS - I believe that's in a few weeks.

Max said...

SS, I lost again and I am now in last place in my fantasy football league. I have never been in last place before. Are you sure you are really helping me? I am losing to a bunch of boys - it's so embarassing.

Charlie Parlay, the cocktails in Prague are excellent.

Riggs is Crazy said...

One of the greatest drunken shopping cart incidents in my history. Yes, there is more than 1.

Max said...

Riggs, maybe you should blog about your drunken shopping cart incidents.

Charlie Parlay, European shopping carts are smaller - not sure we could get you into one.

Devastatin' Dave said...


If you weren't an anti-Bengalite, you would've picked my boy, Carson Palmer, and you'd be in first place. I have a co-worker whom I convinced to take Palmer and he's in first place in both his fantasy leagues. Boo-yeah!!

Max said...

DD, totally not fair. We had an automatic draft so I did not even get to choose my team. I did pre-rank players, carefully following your brother's instructions.

I just checked my league and the team with Palmer is in 6th place. I guess my league is a bit tougher.

chatsy malone said...

ahhhh I must say I have never had such beautiful views anywhere but during my time working in Praha. I remember seeing the lunar or solar eclipse from my office window one year (1998 or 99 I think.
Now I have to subject myself to airconditioned carpetted separaters I am prone to knock over in an airconditioned skyrise. yuk!
Actually I had an office view of a sacred cemetary where monks where barried behind the NOtre Dame Cathedral in Montreal. I was prohibited to look out at it, even when I did stand on my desk to take a peak there really wasn't anything to see.

Max said...

Chatsy, I think you are speaking too much quebecois because your English seems to have really deteriorated. It's worrying.

chatsy malone said...

Et voila ma chere en anglais, ne t'inquiete toi pas (no need to worry dahling):

I will never forget the view from my first office in prague. I was able to watch a solar or lunar (not sure which one) eclipse which could only be seen in europe at the time (1998-1999). Now it's rare to get a view at all from a Canadian Office.

I remember walking down most streets in the city centre being able to see the beautiful castle on a picturesque hill.

Unfortunately, most offices in North America entail a carpetted separator knows as the cubicle in an airconditionned open large size room.

My office at the theatre had a view of a sacred cemetary where monk's were burried, behind the Notre Dame Catherdral in Old Montreal. I would have to stand on my desk to see over the brick wall into the cemetary and even then we really weren't allowed to look into it.

Prague has the best view from any point in the city. Yup, I am pretty sure about that.