Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Today's Good News

In the last 24 hours I have reconnected with 2 friends.

Yesterday at lunchtime my phone rang, I did not recognise the number, did not remember offhand that +7 was Russia. When I answered the phone, the person at the other end said, “Hi, Max, it’s Nadia.” It took me a couple of seconds to realise it was Nadia from Moscow.

I only met Nadia last summer when I was in Moscow and I had not seen her since then. She was calling because she was in Prague on business and had some free time in the evening. So we went out for cocktails and dinner and it was absolutely lovely to catch up with her.

This morning rtm sent me a forwarded e-mail. It was a long article but good so I read the whole thing through and at the bottom of the e-mail was the name and e-mail address of a girl who had also worked at the Ministry of Defence during my first stint there in 2000-2001. So I sent her an e-mail, she has responded, and we are going to have lunch together within the next couple of days.

Things often happen in threes. I hope someone else nice is going to pop back into my life.


Anonymous said...

After listening to the Malone sisters I have a feeling the second coming of Jesus is near. I think Jesus is bringing his lawyer this time.

Anonymous said...

Reading the blog gives me an idea of what is going on in your life. Please reconnect with those left behind too...we miss you.